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Dome Milano Studio is the place where interior architecture and interior design become sartorial, translating the emotions of living the home environment into tangible and explorable spatial reality. The international profile of the Studio's team of architects and interior designers brings out a new idea of luxury, reflecting a long research path grown around the expressive possibilities of materials and the attentive modulation of the spaces of a present and surprising everyday life.

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Design and Functionality, Creating New Trends in Interior Architecture

A made in Italy influenced by overlapping and intersections of an international matrix, generating a modern and refined aesthetic, outlines the main theme of the portfolio of Dome Milano Studio, which ranges from overseas projects in Dallas, to the liveliness of multicultural and financial centres such as Hong Kong, to finally arrive at the purity of the Val d'Orcia landscape, of unmistakable Mediterranean charm. Each project, from the residential, commercial or hospitality sector, is closely linked to the others through an overall research of conceptual origin and spatial development.

Professionals in Interior Architecture

The Dome Milano Studio team, divided into a creative section and a managerial sector, works under the guidance of the art director Rachele Pellegatta, interior architect and interior designer from multifaceted international education with deep roots in Italian culture, starting from the degree with the renowned Mario Botta.

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The refined and innovative style of Dome Milano Studio's projects published on the pages of the most influential interior architecture and interior design magazines.

The Moodboard, the Starting Point for Shaping Ideas

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Research and Materials

The moodboard is a synthesis tool, preliminary to the definition of the multiple complexities of the project and the translation into reality and is at the same time the concrete result of a constant activity carried out by the Dome Milano Studio team around the research on new materials and the unprecedented use of traditional ones. The innovative character built in each living space project is therefore inseparable from the material, history and context, each considered as an angle with its own autonomy within the proposal for the qualification of interior spaces.

News from our Studio

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Dome Milano Studio Dialogues With the World

Inspirations, international projects, contemporary luxury.

The Interior Design Studio in Milan where Interior Architecture Meets Design

Dome Milano Studio is an open, welcoming, and at the same time intimate and exclusive place, cut out in the heart of the Milanese city web, a stone's throw from the Corso Magenta, known to many for being dotted with prestigious buildings and places of historical and architectural interest. At Dome, research and innovation around interior architecture and interior design tell a design house that goes beyond the traditional boundary of the building envelope, embracing the multi-sensory and emotional dimension potentially explored through the tool of the sartorial project.

Private Rooms

The innovative concept of the Private Rooms, a workspace dedicated to architecture and interior design, intimate and private parallel to the operational one of the Studio, brings design consulting personalized and custom-made, at an experiential level that accompanies the client along a path of definition of needs and their translation into the services carried out in the name of hospitality and well-being.

Each step of the design consulting, is in fact developed through the dialogue between professional and client, including in the process the pleasure of the break time, of the meeting, of the proposal and of the solution, which establishes itself a delightful plot, always present in the entire project.

From Dome Milano Studio the house is explored and resolved in its many facets and needs, deepening every aspect of the design, from the first inspirational phase connecting to the concreteness of the construction phase, of the executive project: from the finishes to be applied to the envelope, furnishings and accessories, without neglecting the chromatic and textural aspects of the materials, capable of realizing the luxury of well-living.