Luxury Interiors being told in Moodboards

An Essential and Immediate Concept that Summarizes the Inspirations of Modern Luxury Interiors

Each creative discipline has tools at its disposal to develop a story. For architectural design, interior architecture and interior design, one of these tools is the moodboard.

The Dome Milano Studio team, which operates in the field of luxury interiors, makes the moodboard the basis for building a well-structured project story, articulated in its various facets and, above all, equipped with a essential incipit: listening to the client, in the complexity of the concrete and emotional needs which are the subject of the first cognitive and exploratory interview and are deepened in all subsequent moments of confrontation.

The Moodboard Translates Project Inspiration into Communicative and Empathic Material and Chromatic Details

Fully anticipating the concrete outcome of a project in the three-dimensionality of a space from a slow procedure and discovering its general and detailed characteristics is possible, in part, through the use of digital tools that generate a virtual reality.

However, what these digital tools lack, especially when applied to the luxury interior design sector, is the solid communication, as well as visual, of the concreteness of materials and surfaces of the envelope and of the objects that populate an architectural space.

The moodboard, a collage of compositional elements that prefigure the finished realisation of the completed project, is instead capable of making concrete the mind map that the designers followed to identify the details of the works, making it immediately effective and understandable for the client.

The concept of the new space, unlike the actual project drawings, often presented to the client in the traditional form of two-dimensional drawings or translated into three-dimensional simulations, is coming into the reality of material details and chromatic.

The project, instead of being told in its completeness, is disintegrated and reassembled into the most detailed parts which, in terms of inspiration and emotions, are certainly more communicative and empathic. 

The Design of Luxury Interiors Finds an Emotional and Suggestive Visual Narration in the Moodboard

The boundaries of applicability of the creative tool of the moodboard are almost infinite. Since its purpose is to communicate a specific design message, it can be defined and refined according to the intended use of the new space or, also, to the peculiarities of a material, a design solution, an object, a declination at different brightness and saturation of a color.

In the design of luxury interiors, the Dome Milano Studio team, led by art director Rachele, develops custom-made moodboards to solve the project at various levels and to characterize its different aspects.

Starting from a general moodboard, inspirational as a sort of guideline, secondary moodboards can in fact be composed, dedicated to the solution of specific and detailed aspects. The visual narrative of the project, in fact, can only be made up of several chapters, each of which contains images and suggestions that are gradually more and more in-depth and suitable for the client's needs.

Trends in Architecture and Design Become a Sartorial Project welcoming the Client's Wishes and Needs

The moodboard is the story of a trend, of a way of interpreting the connection between current events, the context, the specificity of a project and the wishes of a client. A trend outlined in the field of interior architecture and interior design, in fact, can never be applied to a short project, without considering any mediation with the factors that, in a living or hospitality space, creating well-being and giving concrete response to the relationship between needs and performance.

The living has always, and continues to have, an archetypal meaning which, in relation to architecture, preserves factors beyond space and time, which in the moodboards can be collected and interpreted as material, texture, color.

From time to time, a specific element may become current and predominant, responsible for directing the characterization of the whole and guiding all subsequent developments, up to accompanying it in the concrete implementation of the project. In this context, a trend therefore receives an absolutely personal interpretation, recognizable among thousands of others, capable of launching the sartorial project which has always been an essential objective of Dome Milano Studio's activity.

The projects of the studio, exemplified by the collection of moodboards that represent the highest creative exploration, outline trends themselves and offer the client the opportunity to come into contact with the methods of approach to the project by part of the creative team, defining the basis of a relationship of trust and professionalism.