Luxury home with modern interior design, the vision of Dome

The ideal dimension of living

The house, as a whole, is the architectural prototype of the action of living. Evolved in shape, structure and envelope, today it represents much more than a space designed to perform a specific primary function. Its ideal dimension extends to embrace the field of emotions, sensations and suggestions and it seems that every element in it can enjoy a fuller and richer life than that suggested by the mere concreteness of common daily actions.

The luxury homes with modern, spacious, bright interiors designed by Dome Milano Studio suggest multiple interpretations of this ideal dimension of living: they welcome, surprise, make you imagine something else. And they do so while maintaining a firm connection with the reality of the context and the real needs that everyone manifests in their everyday life, offering cutting-edge answers to the most diverse functional problems.

In the moodboards of project conceived by the creative team of Dome for the interiors of luxury villas every material, pattern, texture or emotional element contributes to forming a complex image of living, mixed from time to time , and therefore enriched by the wishes of the customer and by the deepest suggestions given by the place and its history.

The light, the brightest point of the scenography

The architects and interior designers of Dome Milano Studio consider natural light one of the most important and relevant design elements in defining the perception of space. From a pure tool to guarantee a sufficient degree of lighting in the different rooms of the house, light is now an active part in the configuration of the scenography of the interior architecture and interior design project.

To convey light in the desired way, designers have a wide variety of solutions available, capable of amplifying it, breaking it down, modulating it according to the emotional effect sought: transparent or reflective materials, textures capable of come to life if caressed by a ray of grazing sun, iridescent colours, which never remain the same and tell a different story at every hour of the day.

Furthermore, these same solutions offer the precious opportunity to dress the envelope of luxury homes with modern interiors so that, under the common interpretation of light, a harmonious, refined, sophisticated, high-value ensemble is created, communicative both on a sensory and emotional level.

A balanced reading

The Dome Milano Studio team, under the creative guidance of the art director Rachele, has refined over time, through a long and complex process of research and experimentation, the subtle art of search for the perfect balance

In each image of interiors of luxury villas stolen from the rich portfolio of the Studio, the perception that everything is in the right place and each element participates in the realization of an ideal together is immediate and leads us to think that, whatever the context and the client's needs, the project can be realized in something concretely and ideally perfect, balanced in all its parts and communicative at every reading level.
Although it may happen that an architectural element, such as a staircase or a large fireplace in the center of the room, lends itself to play the leading role in the domestic scenography, the rest of the space that revolves around only amplifies the importance of this same role and, at the same time, participates in it and is in turn invested.

The personal history of luxury

The present concept of luxury has very different meanings than in the past. To meet the needs of clients who wish to transform their homes into luxury homes with modern interior design, it is not possible to follow a predefined design path.

Instead, it is necessary to listen to their specific needs and translate them into solutions which, more often than not, materialize unexpected and surprising results. The choice of materials, furniture and accessories is no longer restricted to a predefined circle, but can draw on areas that were unexplored only until these days: recovery, travel memories, local crafts, for example. 

It is precisely these elements with a high degree of positive and communicative mixture that add value to the project, even when the goal is the definition of new interior spaces of luxury villas, usually linked to recurring solutions and already long experienced, unrelated to the ever-evolving portfolio of Dome Milano Studio.