The interior design of luxury restaurants, a sophisticated experience

A refinement to savor

We are living in a historical moment in which, thanks to avant-garde technology and design, a domestic kitchen can be organized like a professional one. This allows the user to try his hand at preparing gourmet dishes, savoring the pleasure of cooking like a real modern luxury.

It goes without saying that a dinner in a restaurant, carefully planned starting from the choice of the companion and the occasion, cannot be limited to appreciate the quality of the menu, but must materialize as a real pleasant experience, sophisticated and not reproducible in the domestic context.

In the interior design of luxury restaurants, therefore, the theme of the careful combination of aesthetic and functional factors becomes essential which, interacting, must be able to involve the client in a time and space outside the 'ordinary, such as to arouse emotions in the immediate and in the memory.

The creative team of Dome Milano Studio retains in its portfolio a wide range of sartorial projects focused on the theme of interiors of luxury restaurants. Each is unique and immediately recognizable among the others for a set of characteristics that range from the interpretation of the context, to the study of the relationship between the private space of the table and the public space of the paths and services, to the balance between light, color and matter. .

Intimacy in public

The core around which the interior design for luxury restaurants revolves is the table, that is that small limited universe where guests gather to spend pleasant time together, savoring the meal but also, and above all, the atmosphere of the place.

The table can be considered as a private and intimate space highlighted within the public surface of the restaurant and, for this reason, it must have characteristics capable of communicating with the context but, at the same time, of identify it as an exception, as a place dedicated to giving life to an extraordinary and sophisticated experience, different from any other and immediately attributable, in memory, to that specific luxury restaurant.
Spatial and functional organization, materials, colours and ambient lighting in details can contribute to making the space occupied by the tables as a coordinated whole, consisting of a series of independent elements, to be animated and brought to life in their full autonomy and privacy.

A context that becomes a gourmet proposal

The interior design of luxury restaurants , according to the design philosophy of Dome Milano Studio, must be able to maintain a dialogue with the readable context on two different levels, independent and at the same time complementary to each other.

The first concerns the relationship between the interior design of the restaurant and the spirit of the place where the architecture that hosts it stands. The suggestions of the territory, as well as those of the pre-existing ones, must be reflected in an accurate mediation with the new, consisting of degrees of interpretation that can foresee calibrated approaches or distances, up to a unique interior architecture and interior design and not repeatable. The second reading level, on the other hand, has to do with the gourmet experience actual. The design of luxury restaurants cannot be separated from the careful study of the proposal which, once seated around the table, fills, colours and perfumes plates and glasses. The restaurant spaces must suggest the character of the experience and ideally accompany the guest until the moment of tasting, without causing sensory tugs and, indeed, mediating and harmonizing the approach between sight, touch, smell, taste.

Architecture for the senses

If the satisfaction of the senses of taste and smell, in a luxury restaurant, is entrusted to the real gourmet experience, that of the other senses strictly depends on the interior architecture project and the interior design of the different spaces that make up. the structure where the guest is welcomed.

Hearing, in particular, plays a central role in the appreciation of the experience. Great attention is paid by Dome Milano Studio to the design theme of noise abatement, also in collaboration with experienced professionals in the sector.
The measures aimed at improving the acoustic characteristics of the interior space are ultimately not unrelated to those implemented to define its aesthetics and emotional quality. Colours, materials and textures that populate the project moodboards offer an answer to the common intention of making the experience pleasant and unforgettable, understood in its entirety and in its complexity.