Modern interiors for luxury beach house

Modern beach houses, elegant interiors for paradise corners

Living by the seaside is a dream. A statement that may seem banal but hides a myriad of meanings in the folds of the waves. Memories, scents, illuminated streets and regenerating sunbathes for body and soul. Living by the beach also means having a house that can be a shelter from city storms, longed for winter solitude but also rooms fulfilled by the presence and voices of distant friends, friends in every area and more or less stable affections. Jump through generations and passage of time. Meeting from different worlds, lives that are crossed together. And the home is, by choice, the place where all this happens. Where solitude and company, in our opinion of Dome Milano Studio, interweave on the same track and toward the same goal: to feel good, to seek well-being and happiness in a special, welcoming, comfortable and suitable environment for our needs. 

Luxury beach houses interiors: choosing shades in harmony with the environment

Sea and light: it is in the light burned by the salt that everything is accomplished. When Dome Milano Studio is designing the luxury beach houses interiors, it begins by reflecting on light, taking advantage of the natural light as much as possible thanks to large windows that enlarge the rooms, creating new spaces. To choose the color palette, you must follow and recall elements that blend well with the colours of the sea such as sand, sea water and wood. In the shades of these tones that can create an unique combination of colours. A tint of color where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Greek islands in the depth of blue and in the light of white.

For the walls, you can choose light and marine shades which, playing with the reflections, give the rooms relaxing colours suitable for living an experience that elevates the soul. It is not necessary to focus everything on a single colour because it is the combinations that make the difference; a very classic example is combining white with pastel shades such as blue, ivory or aqua green. Even the colours of the furnishing accessories should be chosen based on these criteria: giving green light to the soft colours of the sand that match the blue as if it is water in which to bathe.

What materials to use to decorate a beach house

It is possible using good taste and imagination to design luxury beach house interiors without depriving the elements of exclusivity. From a material point of view, we imagine environments with mother-of-pearl effect wallpapers that light up with sunlight giving them an iridescent appearance at every step. But not just mother of pearl. The wallpapers in different patterns, from floral or geometric patterns in blue and white colours, to drawings attributable to the marine environment: maps that trace the route even on the walls of the rooms.

An excellent solution is instead represented by the play of colours suggested by the use of hand-decorated ceramic tiles, unique pieces of craftsmanship that embellishes the luxury beach house interiors. They give color, freshness and identity to environments. Polychrome marbles, then, blend with the beauty of the wood, creating precious carpet-effect floors, with woody frames. They are real works of interior design made in Italy that combine precious materials and the charm of the exclusivity of a handmade product in an unprecedented way. A living area thus becomes a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours. Another great protagonist for beach houses is the wooden boiserie, where embroidery or inlay tell stories in the wake of functionality and beauty. It will almost seem to live on a boat having with you all the greatness of the sea, in the power of the colours that evoke it and in the versatility of materials that are well suited to luxury beach house interiors.

Luxury beach house interiors by Dome Milano Studio: Cap D’Antibes, Rapallo, Laigueglia

The Cap d'Antibes promontory is a jewel of the French Riviera between Cannes and Nice. A place full of charm, a destination of inspiration for Impressionist painters, defined by Victor Hugo as “where everything shines, everything blooms and everything sings”. But also tender, like for ‘’Tender is the Night’’ Francis Scott Fitzgerald has decided to set in here. It is here, on its hills, that our studio has designed the renovation of a luxury apartment of 350 square meters. The project was challenging in its objective of coordinating the various players in the field to achieve a result of the highest level. In the interior design, the design followed the standards of that of the luxury beach house interiors to enhance this hidden Eden overlooking the sea with an enchanting outdoor garden where there is a small swimming pool in sandstone. Yet the most hidden nugget of this paradise, which is much more than a beach house, is the hammam and its mosaic canvas that accompany the water that turns into small waterfalls.

Rapallo and Laigueglia are instead paintings from past eras set in the beauties of Liguria. And it is precisely the colours of the Ligurian Riviera, slightly vintage allure that has characterized these creations with the aim of imagining Italian waterfront house interiors, where the white of the walls has merged with marble floors, ceilings vaulted are covered with bricks and create a contrast full of characteristic. For the interiors of Casa Laigueglia, majolica and azulejos imported from Morocco were chosen to decorate the rooms with their colours that refer to faraway lands rich in history, which find balance with furniture with minimal, clean lines, composing an atmosphere that express a relaxed, not ostentatious, ancient luxury, as is in the DNA of these seaside villages. A refinement that is not an end in itself but participates in the creation of an exclusive environment. An unrepeatable experience that is renewed day after day by listening to the wisdom and colours of the sea.

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