Design hotels inspire luxury hospitality design

Design hotels, home for the traveling architect

Traveling is really useful, it makes the imagination work [...]

L. F. Céline

Traveling to discover new lands is an innate and inherent movement in human nature. It is the need to broaden the horizon and amaze the eyes with new landscapes, with stories that come from afar and colours that tell other lives. You travel for passion, for interest, for pleasure, because you can but also for work, for love and to be reunited. For the architect, traveling can become a profound source of inspiration: it is in the places designed by those who live with the same passion that answers, suggestions and questions are often hidden. And special places from which to take inspiration are design hotels because, no matter how short or long the stay inside the hotels may be, the goal is clear and obvious: to host people, where it is not the quantity of time but its quality that counts. It is the architect who designs the hotel spaces having the opportunity to 'play' with hospitality design and create evocative, exciting environments with a precise identity. It is up to the architect to design with the aim of the well-being of the guests: an exclusive, comfortable well-being with a strong aesthetic identity that can also be translated for the design and construction of houses.

The architects of the Dome Milano Studio team love to travel, to be amazed and inspired in their designs, to broaden their view of the world and offer to those who turn to the technique, taste, stories and passions. Among the many travel experiences, there are three design hotels - The Norman in Tel Aviv, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the Cheval Blanc in Saint-Tropez - which, during the site surveys, inspecting the on-site projects of our architect and project manager Rachele Pellegatta, inspired our creations. Three different stories of a single great story: that of contemporary design that never ceases to amaze.

The redevelopment of a historic building with the interiors of a luxury design hotel: The Norman in Tel Aviv

A romantic gesture to the past eras that speaks to contemporary design.

The 1920s in the twentieth century, the unmistakable Art Nouveau style in one of the most elegant streets of Tel Aviv. This is where the idea was born, by a group of young and enterprising Israeli entrepreneurs, to redevelop elegant terraced buildings and convert them into a refined boutique hotel near Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of the White City, a UNESCO heritage site.

The beauty of The Norman design hotel project lies right here: having combined the ancient elements of the original buildings with modern materials and textures, choose to create atmospheres inspired by a bright past and which reflect the luxury and style of the great design hotels of the early years of the twentieth century.

Finely restored rooms and suites, interiors decorated in an elegant and contemporary way, where a touch of art deco can be recognized in the wooden floors and large windows that embellish the rooms with strokes of bright light.

The rooftop is the strong point of this luxury design hotel thanks to the lounge bar and swimming pool that create a real oasis of relaxation from which you can admire the whole city. A spa, high-quality restaurants, art exhibitions by Israeli artists, a Library Bar and a range of luxury services and facilities make this boutique hotel synonymous with excellence in contemporary design and a must for a stay in which to enjoy the quintessence of the Mediterranean, in a land full of charm and history.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore: a new architecture at the service of luxury

The architectural dream of the Far East in the name of hospitality design.     

Singapore is the pearl of the expanding Asia, determined to invest in relations with the world starting with its architectural works, a business card for a metropolis projected to the future. And it is precisely the architectural lines that trace the route towards what could be. The Marina Bay Sands stands in front of the Mandarin Oriental which dominates the Singapore skyline thanks to its three towers joined by a suspended platform. The effect is striking, the platform resembles a ship, in the promise of sailing suspended between heaven and earth. Also here is the roof garden that gives the most evocative atmospheres and stories. Located on the 57th floor and on top of luxury design hotel facilities, there are bars, restaurants, gardens, bougainvillea and a 150-meter swimming pool that stands out as the highest in the world; along the way there are tropical oases and various observation points where you can see beyond the horizon.

The design hotel project started right from the roof garden. In the first design drawings, the building was thought to be perfectly symmetrical, as to recall ancient buildings. To avoid this effect it decided to insert the shape of a ship. It is the concept of a new architecture, which manages to leave behind the symbols of the past to walk towards a new future.

The skyscrapers, on the other hand, host more than 3000 rooms equipped with all comforts for a truly unforgettable experience where the pursuit of luxury becomes a daily practice of interior design, both in form and substance. The three structures are joined together: the steel beams trace vertigo inside the structure, accentuating even more the feeling of being suspended between sky and earth.

Cheval Blanc in Saint-Tropez: the Made in Italy synonym of elegance and exclusivity

Saint-Tropez is the most sought-after resort on the French Riviera. Its name evokes the rhythms of a now gone twentieth century and the idea of ​​a corner of paradise where a diva like Brigitte Bardot found joy. Saint-Tropez is a privileged location that always retains all its attractiveness. And it is in a lush pine forest immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that the Cheval Blanc luxury design hotel is located, a temple of top-level hospitality design overlooking the sea. Thirty rooms with terraces and balconies with the seaview to experience an unforgettable emotion cradled in the waves. At Cheval Blanc the entire design hotel project is studied in detail and the hotel interiors reveal a dream location. You are completely immersed in an elegant blue that dialogues with the sea in front of you, while the knots of the sandblasted oak beams look like small beach dunes and the frosted glass hides and shows the sun just enough to maintain intimacy and warm up the day.

Nothing is left to chance in the field of interior design, with objects and solutions that give personality to every single room and make the public areas into elegant lounges, worthy of the value that points to unrepeatable.

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