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Gift Idea #2. A wall clock by Vitra

20 DECEMBER 2017
The models Spindle and Turbine from Vitra placed on a blue wall.

A wall clock elaborated in wood and metal, great to have around for the New Year’s countdown!




The second part of this column is dedicated to the Vitra clocks. If you’ve had an empty wall for years and every time you go in front of it think that it is missing something, now is the time to treat yourself to a Christmas present.

The design clocks by Vitra are important furnishing objects that fill the walls with style and elegance. Every clock has a refined design, which has been taken care of in the smallest detail.


The design wall clocks are part of the Vitra Home collection and are designed by George Nelson. They have been designed in several shapes and dimensions, in order to fit fixed surfaces, like tables and shelves, or attached to walls in order to decorate them.


All the clocks listed below can be found in Dome: do not hesitate to go and have a look. This and other incredible pieces are waiting for you in our showroom.


  • Spindle Clock

With his collection of wall clocks (1948-1960), George Nelson has conceived a wide range of clocks, some of which have turned into design icons of the 50’s. One of these is the Spindle Clock, a refined clock composed by wood and metal. The golden clock face in the middle gives this watch the appearance of a halo with the sun in the center. The minute hand, in an orange color, gives it a touch of color which gives life to the whole composition, mostly marked by the wooden tones. The hand of the hours is instead a white triangle, a geometrical shape that drastically contrasts with the central circle.

The spindle Clock is a wall clock that can be positioned either on solid-colored walls or on colored wallpapers.

The movement of the clock is made of high quality quartz with a 1.5 volt battery.


  • Star Clock

The Star Clock is a wall clock that alternates a sunbursts with elements in gray steel to others in golden steel. The rays are united to the center with a circular element in dark wood from which two thin steel hands start. The Star clock is a very discreet furnishing element which gives a touch of color to the wall without invading the surrounding environment. Just like a star, the clock of the same name is an element that adds glow to your walls.


  • Turbine Clock

Turbine is an elegant wall clock that simulates the rays of a golden sun or a fan moved by the air. At the center there’s a circular clock face with a long and tapered minute hand, and a short and rounded one, which gives the hour. Turbine is one of those elements that attracts attention by filling the space.

A particularity of this watch is the effect of shadows created on the wall because of the arrangement of the arms.


  • Petal Clock

Four wide black petals, decorated with two golden dots, these are the elements that make up the Petal Clock. The centra dial is a golden pistil from which two white hands start, creating a strong bi chromatic contrast between light and dark. Petal is just like a flower attached tot he wall: it decorates and furnishes with style.


…And besides, what gift is better than a clock to wait for the countdown to New Years Eve and celebrate the arrival of 2018?

The models Spindle and Turbine from Vitra placed on a blue wall.
The models Spindle and Turbine from Vitra placed on a blue wall.
The Petal clock on a white background
The Spindle clock on a white background
The Star clock on a white background
The Turbine clock on a white background