Les objets nomade by Louis Vuitton

Give a special touch to your interior decor thanks to Louis Vuitton and its Objets Nomades

If interior design tends to overlook those furnishing details that give a true touch of life to our home, Dome Milano Studio instead offers its customers original and avant-garde solutions that manage to give rooms a refined atmosphere with a strong and original character.

An example of truly sophisticated interior decor is undoubtedly the home decor line by Louis Vuitton Les Objets Nomades, presented in Milan at Palazzo Bocconi during the 2018 FuoriSalone. It astonishes all lovers of the historic French brand by proposing a collection of very sophisticated furnishing items signed by the most famous designers of the Milan Design Week.

On this prestigious occasion, in addition to the presentation of the new collection, the expansion of the Nomades family was announced to the public thanks to the introduction of the new Les Petits Nomades series, which includes furnishing objects made by designers of the caliber of Patricia Urquiola and Marcel Wanders.

Les Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton was launched by the brand in 2012, keeping alive the long tradition of the French brand in the creation of travel items. In fact, Louis Vuitton has always paid great attention to travel objects, for example, in 1874 creating a personalized product like a trunk-bed for the French explorer Pierre Savorgnan.

Indeed, the journey is the central theme of the entire collection: some of the most famous contemporary designers (from Humberto and Fernando Campana to Maarten Baas) have been called to create furniture objects inspired in some way by the "nomad" dimension of life.

The result of this challenge is original, elegant and poetic decorative objects, capable of revisiting even the most traditional furnishing objects in a totally new way.

The creation of finely-crafted, unique pieces has always characterized the work of the French fashion house, achieving with this collection elaborate creations to satisfy the most discerning customers. In fact, the Objets Nomades collection includes limited editions and experimental prototypes bearing the signature of the most famous designers worldwide: Raw Edges, Atelier Oï, Barber and Osgerby, Campana Brothers, Marcel Wanders, Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Nendo, Maarten Baas, Gwenaël Nicolas, and Patricia Urquiola.

The collection is comprised of a total of 25 objects, rocking sofas and chairs, sofas, folding stools and hammocks, all made with refined materials and with extreme attention to every detail.

One of the most original pieces is the Campana brothers' sofa. The Bomboca Sofa, more than a sofa, is an abstract creation inspired by the soft shapes of clouds. The rounded structure, whose name derives from the Brazilian candies of the same name, is covered in very soft calfskin, while the seat is composed of eight cushions fitted together like a puzzle.

A real craft jewel is the Talisman Table by designer India Mahdavi. This very particular table, a testimony to the multicultural influences of the designer, features an inlaid upper part: a mosaic of 112 leather inserts that form the iris of an eye of fortune, typical of Middle Eastern cultures. The support base is instead made up of ten wood panels, lined in leather, which open in a radial pattern.

An explicit reference to Louis Vuitton bags is given by the Atelier Oï Belt Chair: a chair that expresses the essence of Louis Vuitton leather goods. The seat of the Belt Chair is composed of eight large strips of fine leather, placed on a steel structure and fixed on the back with straps that are reminiscent of the brand's satchel. The comfort and elegance of the seat make it a truly timeless classic.

Finally, the most romantic object of the collection is the Lune Chair by Marcel Wanders. In this creation, the designer shows all his creativity in combining innovation with the traditional elements of the Vuitton fashion house. The curved aluminum structure with brass corners is covered with a light leather structure that elegantly recalls the brand's classic trunks.

All of the Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton, besides decorating the house in an original way, inspire extreme comfort: try it to believe it!

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