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Gift Idea #1. Design accessories.

07 DECEMBER 2017
Two models of the Eames elephant are placed one after the other: white and gray.

A column dedicated to the best gift ideas in the world of design! Coffee mugs and ornaments from Vitra. Find them all in Dome




The holidays are coming and with the lights and decorations comes the constant thought of “what should I give as presents?”. To help you solve this eternal question Dome brings you the column Dome’s Gift Ideas. You can find suggestions on innovative and elegant design gifts.

All the ideas we will display in these articles can be found in our showroom Dome Milano Interior: brilliant ideas that can be gifted to friends, family and above all, that fit every budget.


The accessories shown are part of the Vitra Home Collection: coffee mugs, some wooden ornaments and others shaped as elephants. Vitra gives us a wide selection of wonderful home accessories so that we never run out of gift ideas!


Coffee Mugs
How to make the most classic of Christmas gifts a unique object? Vitra does this thanks to the designs of architect Alexander Girard, who created a wide collection of mugs for the brand. After furnishing a series of restaurants, Girard has also designed coordinating objects and accessories. The imaginative patterns on the cups originate from this rich and variated ambiances that have given the designer an endless source of inspiration.


The Coffee Mugs collection has several models.

Eyes is a mug where a pair of eyes comes from a completely black background, with such a decorative effect, you’ll never feel alone during your tea break.

New sun is another mug with a white background in which, through a mosaic effect, a warm, golden smiling sun is displayed: simple and with cheerful tones, New Sun is the ideal design for those who want a moment to pamper themselves.

Last but not least, the Love Heart mug is decorated with a golden heart containing a white line that creates the word LOVE: a simple yet sweet idea to give a moment of relax to those we love.


Wooden Doll
The Wooden Dolls are presented as eccentric wooden furniture to decorate our interiors. Designed by Alexander Girard in 1953, the Wooden Dolls are composed by a series of figures, of different aspect, that add a touch of charm to any space.

The figures represented are happy, sad, angry, perplexed… there is one for every taste! Among them, the Nº3 represents an angry little man with his red-rimmed eyes and a gnarled mouth, while Nº4 is a sweet maternal statuette holding a child in her arms. Nº5 is dedicated to the father, a male figure holding two little children in his arms. Nº21 instead represents an angry person who looks at the rest with a frown in his face. Finally Nº10 is a sort of angelical future with two soft feathers for wings.

Every figure has stylized lines and is enriched with bright colors that recall childhood drawings. The Wooden Dolls are truly an idea that could amaze anyone.


Eames Elephant
The line of Elephants from Vitra has been designed in 1945 by Chales and Ray Eames. Originally made of plywood, today the Eames Elephants are also made of plastic and in different sizes. Available in light pink, black, grey and white, the Eames Elephants are fun furnishing objects which can be rearranged in different positions. An object that can be placed in either a living room or in the kids bedroom, these elephants can easily give a fun look to any space in the house. Their simple and modern design makes them an ideal complement for any style.


Design objects in bright colors and unusual shapes, now all you have to do is choose who gets what.

Until the next idea!

Two coffee mugs from Vitra on a brown table next to a couple of vases.
Two coffee mugs From Vitra
Two coffee mugs eyes from Vitra in a white background.
Coffee mug Love Heart from Vitra in a white background.
Coffee mug New Sun from Vitra in a white background.
Two wooden doll from Vitra on a table with a mosaic table.
A wooden doll from Vitra in a white background.
A wooden doll from Vitra in a white background.
A wooden doll from Vitra in a white background.
Three models of the Eames elephants aligned one after the other: white, gray and black.
Two models of the Eames elephant are placed one after the other: white and gray.
Some models of the Eames elephants are presented with white background