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Furniture Objects influencing our spaces

28 FEBRUARY 2018
Found object furniture_vases_nasonmoretti

Come to Dome and discover new-found objects and furniture that will give your home a fresh look.


The furnishing of a house involves many things: from large and important pieces of furniture such as armchairs, sofas and bookcases, to the small and refined details.


Quite often the atmosphere of an environment changes completely thanks to a few simple furniture objects that inevitably give the surrounding environment a certain allure.


When it comes to these furniture objects you can play with shapes, colors and sizes, all of this while enjoying the process of finding the right piece for your home style!


An important furnishing element that changes the way our spaces look is the set of curtains.


The advantages in choosing design curtains are numerous: they can be easily modified depending on the season or on personal tastes.


You can choose from different fabric patterns that cover the light in a subtle way. This will create different effects in the environment depending on the amount of light entering the room.


Curtains, aside from darkening and creating privacy, have other uses among our spaces. A curtain can become a divisive wall inside an open space, or cover a wardrobe or a hanging shelf! There are tons of ways to use design curtains and they can be changed according to our needs.


Other canonical furnishing objects are vases.

The models of the NasonMoretti brand are modern and colorful vases, which are ideal to complement our spaces!

An example of vases that add a great impact to any space are the Bubbles vases by NasonMoretti: unique handmade pieces with an oscillating blow technique that gives each bubble a particular appearance.


The Bubbles are available in 14 different shades, which best express their furnishing attitude if we combine them in groups of two or three.

If you prefer more decisive and sculptural shapes, the we recommend the vases of the Impero collection, also by NasonMoretti.


Inspired by the vases of the Renaissance culture, especially the Medici, the Impero vases recall their bright colors and decisive shapes.


Another example of original and fashionable furniture items are the Wooden Dolls, designed by Alexander Girard in 1952 for Vitra.


The Wooden Dolls are lovely decorative dolls that can be naturally positioned in any room of the house.


Simple, iconic, of various tastes and sizes, the Wooden Dolls are a collection of over 25 pieces of design, carved and decorated in a solid wood structure.


These and many other interior design ideas can be found at Dome Milano Interior: come in and choose the modern furnishing objects that are more suitable for your home!



Found object furniture_vases_nasonmoretti
Found object furniture_vases_nasonmoretti_Impero
Found object furniture_curtain_rubelli
Found object furniture_wooden dolls_vitra