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New Arflex furniture collection in Milan

04 JULY 2017
arflex furniture milan pink glass shelves

Dome welcomes the new furniture collection of Arflex in Milan, one of the richest presented during the Milan Design Week.



This is the occasion to celebrate the 10-year long collaboration between the company and the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, welcomed in the splendid location of the Dome Milano Interior space in Brera.
Among the Arflex furniture presented in the Milan showroom we can find the Domino table designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and the bookcase by Alba Bernhardt & Vella.


Domino is inspired by the construction principle of Le Corbusier Dom-Ino. Invented in 1914, this concept is based on the constructive method of an open structure consisting of columns, obtaining large continuous spaces that are illuminated by perimeter windows.
Domino is like a small building where its legs, six columns seemingly irregularly arranged, support a flat surface with an oak top. This table, iconic in its shape, fills any room with elegance.


Alba is the new bookcase designed by Arflex furniture to display and store. It is presented in Milan with an exceptional compositional versatility.
A single-post structure to the entire height and glass shelves secured with a single central pivot allow it to create round and sinuous shapes. Ideal to be leaned against a wall or to be the protagonist in the center of a room.
The half-moons glass in addition to fulfilling the bookend functions create geometric patterns.


This new collection of Arflex furniture Italy is bound to become timeless thanks to the wise combination of modern shapes and classic elements.


arflex furniture milan glass bookcase
arflex furniture milan pink glass shelves
arflex furniture milan sofa and bookcase
arflex furniture milan wooden table
arflex furniture milan blue legs
arflex furniture milan table and chairs