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Biennale: ideas for interior decoration

18 JULY 2017
ideas Design interior exhibition biennale

More and more contaminated, Dome Milano Interior team never stops to look for inspiration and interior design decoration ideas through areas relate to creativity.



The Venice Biennale never disappoints expectations and remains among the most important events in the world of art where it can capture new ideas for interior design.


The guideline that this year brings together all the artworks in the arsenal and in the gardens is that come from natural life. Created by French Christine Macel, chief administrator of Center Pompidou, the Art Biennial presents itself to the public with the title of "Viva Arte Viva". Performance and artworks alternate in an exhibition path that tells the works in an orderly manner, welcoming and guiding the visitor through nine thematic pavilions. 103 of the 120 presenting artists had never attended the Venetian show before. There are numerous young artists but also famous names of the past that represent recalls.


A Biennale that reveals great surprises, and the DOME team takes the opportunity to fill in new ideas with the design of their interior decoration projects. One of the most beloved artworks is One thousand and one night by Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt. A performance obtained from a repetitive gesture referring to the Buddhist mandala. Drag the dust into a rectangle of light. Last but not the least is the installation of Giorgio Andreotti Calò at the Italian pavilion, where a disciplined construction of scaffolding tubes accompanies the visitor in an ascending path.

Not only is the Biennale rich in design ideas to be brought back into the interior decoration; But on the occasion of the exhibition, art goes through all over the city, where you can get lost in the calli, the typical Venetian streets, and immerse yourself in the  wonder spell. Among others, at the Foundation Pinault and Ettore Sottsass by Damien Hirst, at the Glass Rooms by the Giorgio Cini Foundation.


Arrived at its 57th edition, the Biennale is a place of inspiration, where art, design and architecture meet to exchange recipes and new points of view.



ideas Design interior entrance biennale
ideas Design interior exhibition biennale
ideas Design interior installation biennale
ideas Design interior One thousand and one night