Outdoor design furniture Dome Milano

With the beautiful season there is nothing better than enjoying the open space, and how can we do it without dedicated outdoor furniture. In Milano, the best selection is from Dome Milano Interior, here are the recommended products among the largest successful brands.

Park Life is a complete family of outdoor furniture that you can find at Dome in Milano. From benches to chairs, then to tables, armchairs and sofas, this collection of Kettal is designed for exclusive comfort. The well-defined profile and the resistant structure allow it to adapt to various solutions easily. Stackable and comfortably portable, these are the features that make this product the right choice for your terrace.

Decisive colours and essential shapes are the elements that distinguish all the collections of Paola Lenti. The Orlando series is a clear example. Large islands of different sizes, characterized by adjustable backrest, as desired.

Brick of Roda and the right solution if you are looking for elegance and functionality, the right outdoor designer furniture solution in Milan. According to the name, this collection of tables is made up of wooden bricks that follow geometrically perfect joints forming spaces for great conviviality.

As a frame but not the least is the perfect light June of Vibia will give you the perfect atmosphere to spend pleasant evenings at outdoor.

If you are looking for the best selection of outdoor designer furniture in Milano then Dome Milano Interior is what you are looking for.

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