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Why choose the Latest Chair Design?

08 NOVEMBER 2017
Different design chairs around a table

Design chairs offer innovative solutions for our interiors, have fun mixing modern chairs to create vintage and personalized ambiances



Different design chairs, here’s a new trend that makes its way into spaces dedicated to the public, like restaurants, bars or hotels. Modern chairs offer a wide range of choice; many are aesthetically perfect models and are characteristically comfortable. Why choose only one and leave the rest behind? Ambiances with several types of design chairs in the same space in order to give originality, color and to bring life to any public space. This trend, which seems to have come out from a Parisian restaurant, could turn into a real trend in interior design for 2018. Mixing different chairs gives an ambiance a vintage and personalized look, giving the impression of being in a place that has grown over time and and added different elements through the years. A place with a story, that reflects itself in the chairs that offers to its customers. Without mentioning that having different chair models around a table gives customers the freedom to choose the one that fits them the most, which makes their evening more pleasing and comfortable. Moreover, design chairs offer so many quality products that it’s a shame to have to choose only one.


We propose here a gallery of the best modern chairs from the best brands in the market: Arflex, Vitra, Molteni, among others. Products of great quality fit for colorful and personalized ambiances.


  • Brianza, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Arflex, is one of the latest products elaborated by the brianzola company. An elegant armchair available with or without armrests, Brianza distinguish itself for slightly superior length compared to other chairs, yet not occupying more space than the average. This chair is luxurious and at the same time simple and minimalist, perfect to be placed with other chairs of different styles, materials and proportions.

  • Corolle, another chair from Arflex, designed by Mario Ruiz in 2016, is a slim and wrapping chair, available with a padded seat. The polyurethane in the legs can be varnished in different tones, to make it fitting to different ambiances and integrate it more easily to surrounding spaces.

  • The chair 03 by Maarten Van Severen, designed for Vitra in 1998, has a discreet and modest aspect that makes it ideal for public spaces. Its simple shape doesn’t make it any less comfortable: the seat and the backrest are created with a special material that makes it adaptable to the shape of the body of those using it.

  • All plastic chair is a simple and compact chair, designed by Jasper Morrison for Vitra. This chair is a reminiscent of the modern classical wooden chair. The material, which is plastic, makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor spaces. The All plastic chair is available in seven different tones and thanks to its minimalism it fits perfectly both refined ambiances and traditional atmospheres.

  • The Glove chair, designed for Molteni by Patricia Urquiola, is among the modern chairs, one of the most particular but at the same time classic, with clean and minimal lines. A chair defined as “anti conventional”, Glove guarantees an entirely comfortable and innovative seat, thanks to the new technology of the elastic seat. Although being a very special object, Glove can be easily combined with other chairs. Attractive but not intrusive, this makes it ideal for public spaces.

  • If you are looking for color, the Rainbow chair, designed in 2000 by Patrick Norguet for Cappellini might be what you are looking for. Rainbow is a chair made of colored slabs attached to each other with ultrasonic technology. This chair, with its particular color scheme fits perfectly with other seats with simple lines, like those described above.

  • An iconic chair, that can fill any space with simplicity is the Leggera chair by Gio Ponti, designed in 1952 and produced by Cassina. Leggera gives any room a vintage touch, guaranteeing at the same time an extraordinary modernity. Adding the fact that the structure and the fabric can be customized with different colors, Leggera is a seat that can be matched with any other chair.


Did we miss any chair?

Have fun with the most original mixes that you can come up with.

Three models of the design chair 03 by Vitra in white, red and black
Three models of the design chair All Plastic by Vitra in Grey, black and white
two models of the Brianza chair by Arflex in pink and black.
Four models of the design chair Corolle by Arflex in a white background
Two models of the design chair Glove are placed around a table
Several models of the design chair Leggera by Cassina are placed in a white background
Model of the design chair Leggera by Cassina with a black base and a grey seat
Model of the design chair Rainbow by Capellini on a white background