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Sixties furniture design icons in Italy

22 JANUARY 2018
Two Tube Chairs by Cappellini in black and yellow placed in a living room.

Characteristic shapes and colors from the 60s interior design that will give your spaces an original look




The 60s interior design is a wave of novelty and fantasy that enters our homes and still remains with us to this day.

The 60s were marked by the Beatles, Andy Warhol and his pop-art, and the fashion and design tendencies that reached and influenced an entire generation.

The charge of innovation and change given by the cultural background is reflected directly in the sixties furniture design icons. Colorful objects with unusual shapes start to invading the average household.

The search for the new and original seems to be an absolute must: nothing should be taken for granted or traditional. Materials, shapes and colors are blended to shock and strike the observer, with an adrenaline charge from Twist and Shout.


Thanks to its strength and its liveliness, there are still various 60s interior design lovers out there. If you are also a fan of the bright colors and the unconventional design, here are five pieces of furniture that will help you turn your home into a stylish space inspired by the decade.


Created in 1961, a symbol of color in our homes and one of the most chic pieces of furniture, the Bolle by Venini are authentic sixties furniture design icons. The main characteristic of the bubbles, designed by the Finnish Tapio Wirkkala, is the use of different colors blended. Different shapes and colors follow each other in a harmonious sequence. From the tight and long bubbles to the low and wide ones, the alternation of these volumes seems to cast some sort of law of universal equilibrium.


First example of a monobloc chair, made exclusively with polyurethane foams - a classic material at the time - Boborelax is the embodiment of the spirit of the 60s. The first thing that catches the eye with Boborelax, is its iconic and at the same time innovative form; all covered with a solid color coating that gives a strong color impact to the space.

Boborelax is an object that amazes twice: at first sight, for its unusual shape, and at its first usage, for its extraordinary comfort!

Another armchair that became a symbol of these years is the Sacco armchair by Zanotta: a real revolution for domestic seatings!

Sacco radically changes every concept of a pre-existing armchair. Made exclusively with high strength polystyrene foam balls, Sacco is quite a versatile seat: composed for reading, lying down for a nap, relaxing while watching a movie or to chat ... Just place it, lie down and it easily adapts to the shape of your body. Sacco is the ideal armchair for both adults and children, a real object to be experienced and enjoyed in every circumstance.


And now we reach the end of the decade with two other seatings that have revolutionized the idea of a modern armchair: Up_5 by B & B Italia and the Tube Chair by Cappellini.

Both made in 1969, these armchairs are a synthesis of the whole 60's interior design: colorful, innovative and provocative.

The Tube Chair - now a part of the permanent collection of the Triennale and the MOMA in New York - is made up of four tubes of various sizes, joined together by a hook that allows them to be repositioned according to the type of seat we want to obtain. The Tube Chair is a fun and iconic object, with a playful and original shape, perfect for environments with an extrovert style and no limits.

The word “evocative” comes to mind when we talk about the shape of the Up_5 armchair, whose features recall the roundness and surfaces of a female body.

Since its creation Up_5 has shown itself as one of the most striking symbols of modern design: extroverted and fearless of being compared to the past.


Having to choose our favorite products among all of the 60s design icons hasn’t been an easy task, since there’s so much to love!


Those who liked these proposals and are passionate about the incredible style of the 60’s are welcome to have a look around Dome, where you can find all the ways to include a bit of that 60’s atmosphere inside your home!

Orange Tube Chair by Cappellini, in a living room.
Up_5 by B&B Italia in a living room seen from above.
Up_5 by B&B Italia in a living room seen from above.
Boborelax by Arflex in pink fabric, placed on a bedroom.
Boborelax by Arflex in pink fabric, placed on a bedroom.
Sacco by Zanotta in a living room.
Sacco by Zanotta in an outdoor space.