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Bespoke Italian Furniture

28 MARCH 2018
bespoke italian designer furniture porro storage grey closet wardrobe wood modular adaptable design

Italian designer furniture: design solutions to maximise space.


Maximising space while combining style and functionality is a challenge that many architects and designers face today; whether they’re awkwardly-sized spaces, small city apartments or large penthouses, the need for bespoke luxury furniture and practical design is essential.


Custom-made designs offer solutions for every room in the house, capable of turning each space into a livable and functional environment. These designs make use of prestigious and resistant materials without forgetting elegance and attention to detail. Boffi provides these types of kitchen solutions, that distinguish themselves for the remarkable ability to combine diverse elements such as solid wood and natural stones. Working directly with wood allows the company to create home storage solutions that match each client’s needs. These elements can be personalizable even in the kitchen space, for which custom-made stoves and extractor hoods are available in various shapes and sizes. The Boffi_Code kitchen is an example of adjustable design. Bora supplies an even more versatile cooking area: the modular stoves allow for design flexibility, while maintaining minimal yet elegant features. Conjoining the stove and the extractor hood on the worktop area minimises obstruction and gracefully fuses it with the architecture of the room, eliminating the usual bulkiness of traditional extractor hoods.


Custom-made solutions also include modular systems destined for different types of uses. For example, the Boutique Mast by Porro can be placed inside a smaller walk-in closet but it can also feature as its own living room element. Designed by Piero Lissoni, the bespoke luxury piece Boutique Mast is composed by a metal structure that supports wooden cantilevered shelves. This piece is entirely personalisable, up to the choice of wood, which comes in 16 variations, and its finishes, available in various mixable colours. Open storage modules can also be inserted.


Porro also designed the System bookcase, a modular piece of wooden furniture that can easily be allocated in both domestic and working spaces. System can be elegant and sophisticated or informal and dynamic. It is a grand piece of furniture design that improves the efficiency and functionality of a room. Additionally, Porro offers excellent wardrobe solutions such as the modular Storage system: the clothes cabinet blends with the bedroom space and emanates a gorgeous warm feeling thanks to Porro’s characteristic use of wood.


Oluce, on the other hand, offers custom-made light solutions. Their Bespoke- Contract service allows each client to choose a product according to their needs and wishes. You can choose different colours and materials and can also request custom-built lamps for hotels, offices or private spaces. Oluce’s flexible service is available for large and small orders.


Innovative interior design is now capable of combining sophistication with custom-made solutions adaptable to a variety of different environments, meeting the growing need to create exclusive and personalised spaces.

bespoke italian designer furniture bora stove integrated extractor hood black minimal kitchen design
bespoke italian designer furniture porro boutique mast system storage wood modular bookcase coloured
bespoke italian designer furniture boffi code kitchen modular stove black wood metal storage design
bespoke italian designer furniture oluce lighting bespoke contract suspension lamp interiors
bespoke italian designer furniture porro storage wood system bookcase modular adaptable design