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Our tips for home redesign

20 JUNE 2017

Giving a new life to a home like a hotel is a stylish choice, but what are the tips to redesign home to follow to avoid mistakes? Answers the Architect Rachele Pellegatta, creative soul of DOME Milano Interior, design studio in Milan with international vocation.



The main advice that the architect who specializes in renovation of the house can give is to have a design project, a clear idea of the result we want to achieve and from where we want to start; Every detail will only work if it is linked to the mood and the project you have in mind, both in case of an invasive restructuring or in the case of  more restyling of spaces. 


To enter the practical, our tips to redesign the home:


- Select the color palette of your design, colors must be defined and characterized; this however does not mean that they should be numerous and lively. Defining strong colors means making a choice and the choice can go from a blue gradation to a total white.


- Attention to distrubution, flow passages, according to the habits that characterize your daily life. It will be you living in these places, so make sure that practical and easy are two adjectives at the base of building and connecting to your spaces. 


- Play with light, lighting is vital to any environment. There must be on average two levels of lights: those widespread and those punctuated ones to emphasize certain spaces or functions. For example, there should always be a specific light that illuminates only the dining table.


- Choose the right materials, as previously mentioned for the colors, to be defined and measured, repeated and distributed also in order to create connections between the various home environments. The idea is to link the choice of materials to the color palette.


- Last but not least among the tips for home redesign is the mood: every piece of furniture, detail, empty or full, must tell your character to ensure that the house is really yours. This will make it more beautiful, more livable for you but above all more real.


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