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Interior design of mirrors & reflections

29 AUGUST 2017
mirrors interior design fiam with glass furniture

The mirrors for house are one of the essential elements to give space to greater identity and depth. A dark corner or a hallway immediately become the principal points of the house.



Usually the mirror is considered unfairly: it is either a simple space filler or even worse, if you misuse it without a real design sense.  The truth is, as always, something in between. Use it in the right proportion, and with the right design.


The mirrors for house and more generally the mirrors and the furniture interior design they need a specific integration into a space; Whether it is a place to stay, or whether we are dealing with the main living room.


We can make two more basic distinctions: there are the mirrors for house produced by your favorite brand and the custom made mirrors made by craftsmen. For sure the first ones bring more character into the space, and are used when there is need to furnish with mirror, when it does not have only a single dimensional function but is the protagonist of a wall, also as the bathroom or the bedroom.


In the second case, however, we can create reflective plates and mirrors, tailor-made according to the resulting space to give depth to a corridor, to hide a door, or to emphasize an angle by placing two perpendicular plates. The effect is no doubt outstanding.


Mirrors and furniture interior design finds a proportion as the first kind of mirrors becomes extension or completion of the second one. Don’t forget to handle also the light and play with every shades of the chosen color of your room, creating a personal redundancy that will give you extra gear at every space.



mirrors interior design fiam day area
mirrors interior design fiam living room armchairs
mirrors interior design fiam vertical with chair design
mirrors interior design fiam with glass furniture
mirrors interior design molteni walk-in closet
mirrors interior design molteni gliss master
mirrors interior design molteni bathroom