Interior Designer in Milan, the universe of Rachele

An International education that interprets into Interior Architecture Projects with an Exclusive Sartorial Character

An Interior Architect who loves Milan but interprets travel as an educational and professional experience

The story of Rachele Pellegatta is a predestined to the world of interior architecture and interior design. Raised in a family in which the passion for Italian and international design still translates today into an established Milanese entrepreneurial reality, after graduating in Architecture in Switzerland with Mario Botta at the prestigious Mendrisio Academy, she completed her first educational steps in field of interior design in Paris, earning a Master in Interior Design.

Back in Milan, her city of origin and, at the same time, a place that for her represents the perfect balance between reason and sensibility, Rachele gives life to an important project, the natural consequence of her educational and professional career in architecture and interior design: Dome Milano Studio, now open to the public in the new exclusive headquarters in via Giovanni Boccaccio 4, a few steps away from Corso Magenta.

Dome, for Rachele, is project according to two different facets: project intended as a collection, around itself, of a dynamic team of architects and interior designers willing to accept suggestions of different origins, history and provenance; project intended as constant research work on the most current issues of the interior design and interior architecture sector, which increasingly infect elements rooted in local history and tradition with far-off inspirations, often drawn from personal experiences of travel and discovery.

Within Dome Rachele does not limit herself to carrying out the managerial role competent to the figure of the art director and the head designer, but enters into the active and relational dynamics that constitute the basis and development of each design process custom-made by the architects and interior designers of Milan.

Rachele's footprint is visible, in every proposal by Dome, on every layer of the project: it is like a light trace, a main theme underlying every concrete experience of transformation and regeneration of the space, living, receptive or others.

In the field of design, this imprint is translated into a series of elements that work as a method and, together, as a link between the various specific design processes: research and combination of colours and textural characters capable of to translate the client's emotions and desires into materials, designing the space through clear, clean and elegant lines, a combination of far-off, apparently incompatible suggestions, in evocative and always new mix&match.

Architecture and Creativity

The Interpretation of the Suggestions of the Context as a Starting Point for Experimentation in Interior Architecture and Interior Design

Rachele's vision as interior architect and interior designer begins with a fundamental intuition: the space, intended as a place of intersections and relationships to be traversed, imagined and reinterpreted on paper, through the instrument of the architectural project, giving it new form and new life.

The place from which everything originates and unfolds through surprising and from time to time unprecedented ways is Milan and the beating heart of the Studio, which channels positive energies and inspirations originating from a specific mode of experience: the research journey, now inseparable from that, intimate and personal, of pleasure and passion.

Traveling to Research the Form and Destiny of Connections, Assume New Points of View and Realize Unrepeatable Architecture and Interior Design Projects

The travel tool, for Rachele, translates into the understanding of a quality that makes a project excellent and capable, in every aspect, of giving an effective response to the client's needs: the balanced and harmonious response of the historical, cultural and territorial context in the connections of the interior architecture and interior design project and its transformation from constraint to opportunity, from limit to starting point for the creation of a new stimulating and unexpected beauty.

Precisely the interpretative ability of the context allows Rachele and her creative team to take care of interior architecture and interior design creations even many kilometers away from the headquarters in via Boccaccio. The geographical boundaries of seas, oceans and mountains are crossed, but the inspiration of origin, all Italian, remains the same.

And this is how in Hong Kong a luxurious villa mixes made in Italy design with a series of typically oriental solutions, in Dallas, a house with a typically central American architectural structure is dressed in marble and precious stones, which frame a selection of iconic pieces of Italian and international design.

And still, while in Singapore the bright rooms of an exclusive residence welcome nature through the visual permeability of a long series of transparent windows and skilfully mix different wood essences, in Ulm in Germany a play of chiaroscuro obtained through the balanced alternation of solids and voids tells the strictness of the formal choices made in the project, expressed in an exclusive moodboard of materials with strong textural and chromatic characteristics.

Attention to the context and the ability to harmoniously balance factors in apparent contrast to each other, however, are also expressed in design occasions at kilometer zero. Among the rows of vines and the golden expanses of wheat fields of the Val d’Orcia,

an old country house has welcomed the modernity of a new functionality and avant-garde technology, while preserving its deep historical and architectural roots which are the real matrix of the territory, managing to combine architecture and interior design in one unrepeatable look.

Personality and Creative Process: Rachele and her Innovative Approach to Design between Made in Italy Origins and International fusions

But the description of Rachele's personality, of her essence that includes architecture and interior design, in relation to the many aspects that outline her professionalism in the field of interior architecture and interior design cannot be circumscribed and limited to the experience of travel, to the very deep bond with the city of Milan and to the origins in the Brianza area, the kingdom of excellence of the manufacturing industry of furniture and furnishing accessories made in Italy.

Instead, it is precisely the approach and development method in the field of design that, most of all, describes it, without among other things, abstracting it from the context in which operating every day. This mode, translated into tool, has a precise name: moodboard, that is a board that collects, on the surface of the worktop, material and chromatic inspirations and suggestions capable of suggesting the atmosphere and the sartorial character of the project.

The subsequent compositional phases of the moodboard see, in Rachele, hands, heart and mind acting simultaneously. In fact, there is no discontinuity in the flow that animates her creative process, addressed starting from the first interview with the client and aimed at exploring the new, the unprecedented, and the surprising.

The materials, textures, colours and objects of inspirational value collected in the moodboard as a concretization of Rachele's creative inspiration and as a visual and solid anticipation of the project are also the way in which that same interview is developed in the subsequent phases and up to the operational reality of the construction.

And the set of pieces that make up the different aspects of Rachele's creativity can also be translated into a moodboard, translating the design tool from the operational level to the ideal one of representing an abstraction: the steps of her Italian and international education, the travel experience we have long talked about, her being an interior architect in Milan and, finally, her role as art director and head designer within the operational reality of Dome Milano Studio, in which the relationship with the team and the idea of a network constitutes, for Rachele, the essential basis of the creative process.