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Our architects and interior designers wait for you in Italy to express the best of interior design.

Our team of architects in Milan is the heart of every project, DOME vision is made by people. Rachele, the project founder, together with a growing group maintains high quality standards and develops a deep research in every project. The freshness, experience and passion of our team are a perfect union to support you in every step of your new project.

creative director and architect of interior design milano


Architect and Creative Director of DOME Milano Interior, Rachele Leads our team between projects and research. A degree in Architecture with Mario Botta in Switzerland and an Interior Design Master in Paris were the starting points for a predestinated future in the design and architecture sector. Rachele personally takes care of every project, combining a constant research work all over the world together with a well-defined interior design vision: the modern house tells a mix of different styles, it comes from a tailor-made furnishing project that mixes creativity with customer needs and it is made of products of important brands together with unique handcrafted pieces. Freshness, experience and expertise are our key points to lead you through every single detail.

a unique taste for your interior design milano


DOME Milano Interior is made by people and ideas, this is the reason why we have a team composed by young architects and interior designers always updated on the latest trends, who are able to combine experience and technique to the style of every single setting. Our team manages also the commercial aspect with innovative and dynamic ideas. Raffaele has a degree in Architecture and a specialization in France at the Université d’art et d’architecture de Luminy-Marseille. Thanks to a broad experience gained in the most important architecture studios in Milan and in the most popular Galleries, Raffaele combines a high-end taste with a great ability to choose the single pieces, in order to find the perfect interpretation of every project. Alberto, specialized in the administrative and managerial aspect of the DOME project, deals with the international relationships bringing a business vision to a creative sector.

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