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Via San Marco 1 - 20121 Milano (MI)
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Mystical Solace at Design Week 2017

design week 2017 geometric shape marble
design week 2017 geometric shape marble
Design Week 2017 Yellow Siena and Noire Doire`
design week 2017 geometric shape marble

The space designed by De Allegri and Fogale at the Design Week 2017 event, rich in forms and symbols, is the occasion to celebrate the collaboration between Dome Milano Interior and Casone.



During Design Week 2017 event, Dome Milano Interior in addition to a full calendar of events  has collaborated with Casone, the leading company of the extraction, cutting and manufacture of stone. This synergy is sanctioned with a set up by the evocative name, Mystical Solace, designed by the London based studio De Allegri and Fogale.


The space, characterized by an unusual geometry as strong as the triangle, recalls a mausoleum full of symbols: from the stairs without a landing to the thresholds to cross, it's all a surreal point to a mystical and ritual reality.


In practice, the design tale is the exemplification of the mastery with which Casone works the stone, which is why Dome Milano Interior chose to collaborate with this Italian excellence. The set-up is in fact made on the occasion of the Design Week 2017 event in Yellow Siena and Noire Doirè, two stones that are difficult to work on and need treatment to improve their compactness.


The technique used is that of Florentine inlay, obtained through numerical control machines, a concrete example of a pleased union between tradition and innovation. The collection of objects designed for the occasion by De Allegri and Fogale, made by overlaying stone slabs and working as if it were a single block, was also presented in the layout space.


It is more than just setting up, it is an experience to try.

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