Dome studio and modern interior design: a precious mosaic

The projects carried out by the Architecture Studio, the essence of Italian interior design

If the design tool for excellence adopted by the creative team of Dome Milano Studio is the moodboard, which is the attentive combination of materials, colours and textures, perfect to fulfill a need for sartorial design creation, it can be the multifaceted composition of the portfolio of the studio's projects, and also be read as a sort of moodboard.

Exploring the projects in a linear and chronological way, walking step by step through the design experiences carried out in different geographic and typological spaces that are also very distant from each other, is almost impossible. The reality of the studio, in fact, as well as that of its creations, has a structure similar to a sweater with many garments and many directions.
Dome's portfolio is characterised by a complexity of experiences which is better discovered by adopting recurring semantic interpretations, which converge in a modern idea of luxury capable of expressing itself at multiple levels and types of intervention: interior design, interior architecture, product and furniture design.

The Client's words: luxury homes in the Private Rooms concept

All the projects developed by the Dome Milano Studio team, led by the art director and head designer Rachele, configure modern luxury interiors which, however, instead of having generic, abstract and disconnected characteristics from the context and personality of the client, Dome does it on the contrary, welcoming them as essential ingredients of the creative process of interior architecture and interior design.
For Dome, a design studio that makes modern design , influenced with extra-disciplinary suggestions in research and experiment center, in fact, there is no project path that can be developed without starting from a long conversation with the client.
Privileged area in which to carry on the discussion, active in the various design and implementation phases of the Private Rooms , a new operating space parallel to the Studio, articulated in a series of private and reserved environments, accessible for consulting by appointment.

Moodboard, the image of contemporary design has never been this real

In this exclusive context, the hospitality is made between professional and client, the design process, from an exclusively technical fact, is coming into a reality in which emotions and memories play an important role in the definition of the new luxury home.
Like the envelope, the materials and the colours, in fact, these intangible elements can be brought to the two-dimensional work surface offered by the moodboard tool, prefiguring and anticipating the outcome of the concrete realization of the project.

The horizon of the journey. Dome's architecture from Milan to the world

Dome Milano Studio's portfolio of projects covers a geographical area with almost unlimited borders: from the insight of Milan, reaching the nearby Val d'Orcia then to many European cities and metropolises, heading overseas to Dallas and finally explore the fascinating exoticism of Singapore and Hong Kong. It is as if reading the portfolio, the client could imagine leaving for a long voyage of discovery, which begins with a first glance thrown through the large windows that mediate the relationship between the reality of the studio, and the Milanese life that flows on via Boccaccio.

At each step, however, a common matrix of approach to the project and the intervention of interior architecture and interior design remains legible: the ability to relate new and existing, implementing that harmonious balance of space which has always been the figure of the Dome Milano Studio team's activity and, more generally, of the attentive approach to the material, historical and artisan qualities of the context that make made in Italy an international excellence.