A Beach House with a Fresh and Sophisticated Interior Design

The Mediterranean of Moroccan Inspiration Colours the Spaces of an Apartment in Genoa

A beach house designed by Dome Milano Studio, is the concrete proof that, through a interior design with attention to every detail, it is possible to tell a history and involve, in the experience of living, not only the sense of vision and touch, but even that of the smell.

By sliding the images of the house under your eyes, one after the other, it almost seems to be able to perceive the distant scent of the sea, as well as to feel, the warmth on the skin, the sun and the breeze of the heart of the Mediterranean.

A Holiday House Full of Light and Mediterranean Suggestions

We are at Genoa, in a large apartment which, through a profound renovation, has seen its plan and the functional organization, skilfully decompose and reassemble in order to adapt the spaces to the needs of a living room linked to pleasant and relaxing holiday periods.

Even the small balcony with a privileged view of the city and the sea horizon has been completely redeveloped, adopting solutions in perfect continuity with the interior of the house, implementing that ideal connection between indoor and outdoor that has always been characteristic of Mediterranean architecture.
Inside, this beach house with a fresh and refined interior design at the same time, it lives in the intense natural light which is reflected, visually amplifying the space, on the walls and ceilings mostly painted in white.

Patterns and Colours of Moroccan Tiles Design Walls and Floors

But it is not only this pure and bright color that plays a leading role in the beach house project. They are also, and above all, the geometric and natural patterns which, in each environment, recall an atmosphere which, although exotic, is part of an imaginary close to us: that of Moroccan architecture , which interprets the Mediterranean and its complex and deep roots with decorative motifs and colours recognizable at first glance.
The beige yellow, the blue and the green loved by the client of this beach house project, fell in the infinite series of variations that seem to re-propose the different depths of the sea near the shore and further away, where we go under full sail, drawing the walls of the kitchen and bathroom. This last room, if placed in the actual Moroccan style, can only be read in the fact as a place of well-being, of self-care, of the deepest and most intimate gathering.

White, Light and Texture Expand the Space and Open the House to the Outdoor

The kitchen, on the other hand, preserves in the formal cleanliness of the ground modules and the white lacquered wall units the task already entrusted to the envelope of the walls and ceilings: to reflect the light and ideally fragment the vision of the interior space, opening it overwhelmingly towards the outdoor and welcoming the suggestions of the context.
The gaze turns to the horizontal surface of the floor. Here a series of recurring geometric textures, declined in the archetypal shapes of the square, the hexagon and the triangle, generates an effect of repetition as far as the eye can see, which makes it difficult to read the boundary between the various environments but, at the same time, draws and characterizes them. The elementary matrices of the tiles build a complex design, which you can have fun reading and interpreting in a personal and always new way.

Intimacy and Personalization As Tools of the Sartorial Project

In the bedrooms, geometry gives room for nature: elegant floral motifs and exotic fishes drawn with Indian ink on the surface of the wallpaper chosen for some walls. The colours, in the rooms intended for night resting, become softer and more desaturated and tell the hidden pleasure of recollection and silence.
Finally, in a beach house with interior design by Dome Milano Studio, a personalization of the furniture cannot be missing: the dining table with an asymmetrical base in marble blocks and wooden top with rounded edges and the light and permeable shelf that divides the living room and the intersection between the living and sleeping areas were designed by the creative team of the studio, giving this beach house and the interior design an additional sartorial quality, in addition giving full response to the aesthetic and functional needs expressed by the client.