A 70s-style Milan Furniture Store

The Best Furniture Store in Milan pays homage to the 1970s in an exclusive display

For the Milan Design Week 2018, the Sag80 showroom goes back in time to the 1970s. After having celebrated the elegance of 50’s design in the previous Milan Design Week, this year the store in Via Boccaccio continues the exploration into the past by remembering some of the most decisive and exciting moments in the history of design.

The project inside Milan’s first design showroom, curated by Dome Milano Studio, will feature designs characterised by pastel colours, fascinating geometries and precious materials. This unique arrangement will not only offer the chance to rediscover this memorable period of design history, but will also create a fascinating and absorbing atmosphere inside one of the best Milan design furniture showrooms.

During these years design rediscovered itself, and changed the way we look at furniture. The desire to go beyond the traditional frameworks and to render each and every object entirely unique were the principle factors that characterised 70s interior design. In the 70’s the first personal computers were designed - think about Apple - and the first microwaves and halogen lights introduced into our homes. Everything became high tech and the house was filled with new materials and colours. The concept of open space was also created in this period, and the classic notion of the house was eradicated, giving way to this new definition of the domestic space. Technology and the study of materials were the prerogative the 70’s designer, who no longer wanted to consider just the planning and functional side of design, but instead wanted to start the design process by influencing the plastic and sculptural potential of new materials. They moulded these materials to their needs, almost becoming alchemists of design.

The 1970s were a golden time especially for Italian design, that in this historical moment reappeared as the protagonist of the industry, thanks to its internationally acclaimed designers. Testimony of this was the great exhibition held at the MoMa in New York in 1972. The exhibition marked a crucial moment in time, as the biggest and most important museum of the United States not only recognised the transformations that were taking place in interior design be the revolutionary prospect of these changes. The exhibition introduced these innovations to the public, bringing design to centre stage.

The Dome Milan Studio project for the Sag'80 showroom will take inspiration from the most original and advanced designs from the 1970s and adapt them to our century. It will give them a new perspective without compromising the original idea. Mirroring flats, bronze lamps, delicate colours and elaborate geometric patterns. The aim will be to enlarge the space, offer new angles and transport the spectator into a new dimension: this will allow the visitors to discover bit by bit the exceptional small details of every precious object present inside the showroom. The brands chosen for this unique set-up are some of the most interesting and exclusive of the design industry: Minotti, B&B Italia, Porta Romana Lighting and Pinton. The prestigious designs of these brands that will feature inside one of the best Milan design furniture showrooms, will demonstrate that the revolutionary quality of 70’s design has not died out and that the creative tumult of those years is still present in many current trends.
The ingredients for a phenomenal display are all there: an unique design, a magnificent showroom and the most exclusive and fashionable design brands. All that is left is to immerse yourself in this trip down memory lane: get to know this influential decade of design and understand how it dictated the way we live our homes. Explore the products of revolutionary ideas and relive it all in the Sag80 showroom in Via Boccaccio!