Luxury design for the villa in Como

From the design of Lissoni to the interior design by Dome

Minimalism and luxury can coexist harmoniously and give rise to sensational results in the design. Wood, glass and cement surrounded by green, between pines and lawn, blend perfectly with the choice of linear and iconic furniture, with attention to detail, giving life to Casa Carimate, a luxury villa on the shores of Lake Como, a popular destination of Hollywood celebrities and the international jet set, which represents the perfect synthesis between architectural design and prestigious interior design.

A clean architecture with characteristics, even in its minimalism, a perfect synthesis of modernity with retro touches, which has allowed this 600-meter villa, on two levels, to become a model of interior design in Como for all enthusiasts, totally different from the mansions of the area. The walls, in Casa Carimate, dissolve and, thanks to the large windows, the boundary between inside and outside becomes almost imperceptible allowing the internal environment to change according to the cycle of the seasons, with natural green panorama that changes in color and shape.

The rationalism of the shapes is softened by the colors coming from the outside and by the careful study of the details, where each room is different from the other and the bathrooms are designed in stone with shades of pink that go well with the taps and furniture. Materials such as cement, glass and wood make up the volumes in an alternation of public and private environments from the living room to the bedrooms, without forgetting the infinity swimming pool covered with sandblasted serpentine marble which, placed inside, can be used both summer and winter with the direct connection to the outdoor solarium and receives direct sunlight through the huge windows.

A selection of iconic pieces of international design for the interiors

The furniture in a house always make the difference, even when the architectural project was designed by an architect of the caliber of Piero Lissoni. Dome Milano Studio, for the realization of the interior design of Casa Carimate made a precise choice of identity and character, which reflects the DNA of the design, adding timeless iconic touches. To do this, he selected a series of iconic pieces of international design, with a vintage flavor, but perfectly integrated with the luxury and modern environments of the villa designed by Lissoni, combined with others created by the architect himself.

These are items that have made the history of design with characteristics that reflect the style of the architectural project: clean, harmonious, innovative and minimal lines. Pieces that embody the formal luxury, refined and not overwhelming, which today is a real trend in design and of which Dome is the undisputed symbol. Each piece of furniture completes the ambience and the atmosphere, giving it a specific identity, a well-defined style.

Already from the entrance, the white "Barcelona Chair" by the German Mies Van der Rohe, one of the Bauhaus masters, spokesperson for the philosophy of "Less is more", gives character, recognizable even by those who are not passionate about design because they are among the most used in film setting: from "American Psyco" to James Bond - "Casino Royale", to "Twilight" and "Batman vs Superman", just to name the latest films. In the living room, on the large vintage carpet in shades of green, echoing the nature that can be seen from the windows, there are the "Coronado" armchairs designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for B&B Italia that give the ambience a refined and at the same time luxurious time with an old-time charm.

One of the peculiarities of the villa is the entertainment room, a cinema area created to welcome and spend free time relaxing, conveying the idea of a luxury that is found in comfort. This is where the “Up” armchair with footrest is designed by Gaetano Pesce and distributed by B&B Italia, with its anthropomorphic forms in the womb that recall the prehistoric votive statues of fertility goddesses.

Essential lines, therefore, a natural palette without excesses of color, and references to a timeless style, are the ingredients used by Dome for this ambitious interior design project in Como which is a blend of minimalism, refinement, value and luxury.