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Italian luxury interiors in Vienna

italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna marble cream-colored nubuck leather
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna Emperador marble kitchen arclinea convivium
Italian style interior design Porta Venezia Milan Bedroom b.lux c ball lamps Kartell Porro Vitra
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna 2d plan design
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna 2d plan design kitchen
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna marble cream-colored nubuck leather
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna Emperador marble kitchen arclinea convivium
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna white marble Luminescent Rugiano
italian-luxury-house-interior Vienna porro wardrobes cream-colored nobuck leather doors

In the beautiful Austrian city, Dome proposes a luxury house interior design project



Dome Milano Interior arrives in Vienna with a new proposal of Italian luxury interiors that, from the beginning, wanted to highlight a sophisticated and refined style. A curated selection of furniture from Italian brand collections to shape high end interior designs.

The penthouse, the protagonist of this design project, is located near the center of Vienna, in an entirely residential neighborhood, surrounded by calm green spaces, where the family with five children lives.

The project was based on careful research into Italian luxury interiors to satisfy every need and lifestyle. The feeling we sought to achieve is that of being able to find oneself in a welcoming, bright, and elegant space.

This luxury house interior project is spread over the last floors of a Viennese building and occupies the entire floor plan of the building. This particular distribution allowed for the creation of naturally luminous spaces in direct contact with the outdoor thanks to a unique wraparound terrace.

The multiple floors create dynamism inside the house and gives life to a progression of spaces. You enter into the living area, the beating heart of the apartment, and as you go up towards the other rooms, you arrive at the more private spaces of the apartment, where you find the children's rooms and the master bedroom.

Finally, the last flight of stairs leads to a large terrace that completes the project and offers the family a peaceful open space surrounded by the greenery of the neighborhood.

Throughout the house, you can get the sense of a common theme with an exquisite taste suited to Italian luxury interiors: bronze, white and dark Emperador marble, sand-colored leather, and light, luminescent wallpaper are the common denominators of this project. We can find this alternation of colors both in the finishes and in the furnishing elements.


The living area: combining Elegance and Luxury Interior Design

On the first floor of the apartment you find the living space area, consisting of a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a sitting area. The different functions and spaces are arranged in such a way that they communicate with each other and create a living area separate from the sleeping area.

In this luxury home interiors, the quality of the project can already be seen in the choice of furnishings, starting with Arclinea's Convivium kitchen. The cooking area, pantries, and appliances encircle the kitchen's central element, an engaging island that integrates a dark Emperador marble table into the white marble worktop. The different activities that are performed in the kitchen, from meal preparation to moments of conviviality, merge, and become one phenomenon, recreating the ritual of spending time together every day. The color scheme of the house is also found in the kitchen cabinetry, where the doors are all sand-colored with bronze finishes.

The other rooms of the living area have been combined to create an ample, luminous space. The living room, defined by a curved sofa by Rugiano, turns into a dining room where there is a long, custom table in white marble with bronze legs and surrounded by light-colored upholstered chairs. Each space is then complemented with lounge areas with low tables, and Rugiano armchairs with bronze finishes.


A limitless search for detail and Design Ideas

To give a hierarchical structure and distinguish the functions of the spaces, some parts of the living area have been lowered, while others, to emphasize their greater importance, have remained at full height. As in all luxury house interior projects, the finishes play a fundamental role and help to differentiate functions, such as the geometric designs in Emperador marble overlain on the white marble background of the floor. Even the wall coverings used are different: the walls of the triumphal dining room are in leather and bronze boiserie, while for the living room and the lounge areas, we used light-colored Elitis Luminescent wallpaper.

In this case, as in all the others, Dome Milano Interior has left its mark and wanted to make this Italian luxury interior project unique by offering high-class finishes, which always reflect a note of refinement and elegance

Attention down to the smallest detail is evident in the design of the bathrooms, where Dome took care of defining the finishes with a refined taste and classic colors, gold for the furniture profiles, and light colors for the bathroom fixtures.



The top floor of the apartment: the bedroom area

Moving on to the upper floors of this luxurious house, you arrive in the sleeping area, where there is a master bedroom, a second bedroom with a double bed, three single bedrooms for children, and a bedroom with a queen-size bed.

The interiors have been studied in detail, and the choice of furniture design for the bedroom area is no different. The leather-covered beds by Ivano Redaelli, the Privè model, make these spaces personal and elegant. It is a model with a classic taste and a contemporary design that matches perfectly with Porro wardrobes, with cream-colored nubuck leather doors. The bedrooms are finished off by more minimal and straightforward pieces of Italian furniture chosen from the Rugiano collections, such as desks and bedside tables. 

The wall coverings of the rooms are different and to give greater importance to the master bedroom, a wall in this room is covered in leather boiserie, while for the other walls, as in all the other rooms, the Luminescent wallpaper is used.

The last bedroom is located at the very top of the building, with direct access to the private terrace and views over the whole city of Vienna.


To get more information about this home decoration project or to consult our portfolio with other luxury house interiors and Italian interior design projects, visit our Dome Milano Interior office or contact our interior architects and interior designers.