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Garden Design: A style guide

07 MARCH 2018

As the warmer weather arrives, the time comes to give your home garden design a new look. Discover the 2018 trends on our blog.


As the beautiful and warm seasons get closer and closer, we start thinking about the garden and the outdoor spaces of our homes.


Often overlooked throughout the winter months, these important environments need a real makeover!


Autumn and winter are the perfect time to start thinking about your garden design, so that when spring and summer arrive, everything will be exactly as you imagined it.


You can choose between many types of garden designs, it just depends on your personal taste and how you want to use your outdoor environment.


The first thing to consider is how much time you want to dedicate to this activity. If green fingers are part of your DNA and watering and pruning plants are joyous activities, a solution that includes many different types of flowers could be ideal.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person that manages to dessicate a succulent, perhaps it is better to focus on a beautiful grass lawn decorated with elegant outdoor furniture. It can also be embellished with potted flowers that can be easily changed .


Before starting to dig into the ground, ask yourself: what is the objective of my outdoor space? Garden designs, if well organized, can used for socializing during a Sunday barbecue or can offer a silent and relaxing personal space. Would you prefer a recreational space or a zen garden?


Another factor to consider is sunlight. Before getting your home garden design ideas up and running, carefully observe the sun’s position in your garden: which areas receive large amounts of sunlight and which don’t? This will help you decide where to place garden umbrellas and how to arrange plants based on their sunlight requirements.


If you are lucky enough to have a big outdoor area, garden furniture, ornaments and small decorative objects can be used more freely, just like you do at home. Consider first the most voluminous accessories such as garden umbrellas, outdoor tables and chairs; once you have positioned everything, you can have fun choosing the colors and fabrics of the cushions and curtains.


Don’t forget the colors of the flowers, you could choose something that matches the general tone you’re trying to give to your garden!


When planning a garden design, you should not underestimate the importance of decorations and small objects because they can help you achieve your chosen theme. For example, if you want to create a romantic space, you will need the right lighting design to create this atmosphere.


If you want a garden design with a strong and modern style, you should divide your outdoor environment into two parts: a functional space and another one entirely dedicated to flowers and plants. This type of style must be precise and rigorous: hedges and trees must be pruned regularly and form geometric shapes. The materials employed in modern gardens can be varied, but white painted steel is the most common.


Another current trend is the Zen or Asian-style garden. This garden perfectly combines relaxation and poetry. The appearance and the character of the garden should convey this feeling. Natural stones, small streams with waterfalls and well-kept plants are the fundamental elements of this style of garden. Gravel, bonsai and bamboo are not just decorations, but the components that give the garden a symmetrical and precise arrangement.These gardens are used by the Japanese Zen monks during their meditation.


So, which style do you prefer?


Find the right style for your garden and visit our website to explore all our outdoor collections: the new garden products by Paola Lenti, Kettal, Emu, Roda and many other brands are waiting for you!