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Dome Presents the Arclinea Kitchens

17 APRIL 2018
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Adding value through design: the new ideas for the kitchens Arclinea Italia, Convivium and Principia.


For the 2018 Milan Design Week, Dome Milano Interior presents three designs from the Arclinea kitchen collection: Convivium, Italia and Principia. These three projects have been designed using keen understanding of space, a careful selection of materials and an in depth knowledge of the brand’s values. These elements have allowed the creation of three kitchens that are in total harmony with the domestic space and that don’t neglect high-class design. Convivium, Italia and Principia, presented this year by Dome Milano Interior, are more than just kitchens: they are sophisticated environments that fully mirror the values of Arclinea. The brand, established in 1925, has been a point of reference in the global landscape of interior design, thanks to their ability to integrate serial production and industrial design with high-quality materials and functionality.


Each kitchen is distinguished by their design, planning and many other aspects. The Arclinea projects, however, are outlined by a fundamental common vision: the idea that the kitchen isn’t just a domestic space, but the beating heart of the house.


One of the principal features of the kitchen space is that it is a convivial room in which family and friends can meet to spend valuable time together. This is the idea behind Convivium's design, a kitchen aimed for those who love to share their time with others. Simple everyday gestures become passionate rituals thanks to Convivium. The space is rewritten around the island, the centerpiece of this kitchen. Every action takes place on the island, that serves as a work counter, stove and table. Convivium is the result of a project with a clear goal: to create a space in which we can experience unique moments together.


Arclinea Italia is the first design that brings the agility and functionality of a professional kitchen into the domestic space. This kitchen is perfect for those who desire a practical space but don’t want to renounce high-quality design. Steel is the prime material of Arclinea Italia, chosen for its flexible, fresh and light nature. Steel transforms this kitchen into an elegant and modern work of art, capable of surprising you each time, especially thanks to its patented recessed handle. All the elements have been beautifully incorporated with one another by Antonio Citterio, who designed Arclinea Italia in 1988.


Also designed by Antonio Citterio is Principia, an innovative design that renovates all the traditional elements of the kitchen. It does so through a new technological use of steel and the distinctive way in which the wood is cut. The result is a kitchen that reshapes the concept of home furnishing, thanks to its ability to combine and truly understand the different materials, and the way it merges artisanal details with technological production. The selection of materials is also unique: the coarse essence of wood is in contrast with the smooth steel, offering an exclusive visual and tactile experience.


Each one of the three kitchens revolves around a central idea: for Convivium it’s the act of sharing, for Italia refined functionality and for Principia material innovation. Simple concepts that have given birth to complex shapes, daring projects and technological research. The combination of these elements has resulted in the production of three of the most outstanding examples of Italian design. Convivium, Italia and Principia also offer the possibility of personalisation, so that every client can shape the kitchen around their own personal taste, allowing them to feel even closer to the designing process of Arclinea.


Come to the Dome Milano Interior showroom and experience the Convivium, Italia and Principia Arclinea kitchens first hand during the 2018 Milan Design Week.

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