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Trends in design: Effortless Chic style

11 JULY 2017
effortless chic style Porro modern lunch hall iron table

Elegance with attention to details and a selection of historic design icons, this style is never going to be out of style and the Dome Milano Interior team has all the skills to turn this sophistication into a project with two keywords of style: Effortless Chic.



Dome Milano Interior interprets the trends by drawing from the world of design but also from fashion and beauty, through the architect Rachele Pellegatta's point of view.
What does it mean to be the style of Effortless Chic, elegant without too much effort? Our interpretation is oriented towards the naturalness of design choices, for comfortable environments where function is not subject to the shape.


In fashion this style is often associated with Paris, the cradle of a historically sophisticated culture, although today the focus of this trend is shifting to Japan where contemporary "effortless" craftsmanship and contemporary interior design chic pacifically coexist.


The Effortless Chic style can be described as the fine balance between stylistically diverse furnishings that add up to a unicum of unbelievable value.
In the interior of this type, Dome Milano Interior follows a design path where the basic color palette is a light color alternative, from beige to pale pink, with the insertion of single pieces of character, perhaps with organic shapes and shiny materials.


Everything seems natural, somewhat simple, but being able to design such an environment is one of the top expressions of the design's sophistication that a creative team can have.
Timeless elegance, made of furnishings and small items, fabrics and finishes, for an unmistakable style designed by Dome Milano Interior.



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effortless chic style Porro modern lunch hall iron table
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