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The Vistosi icons: chandelier Giogali

24 AUGUST 2017
chandelier Giogali design modern

Vistosi, with its sophistication in the shapes and materials that distinguished it, has developed a catalog of icons, produced after product, over the years. From the suspension chandelier Vistosi Giogali by Mangiarotti to Vega lamp by De Lucchi then to the lamp Vistosi Lucciola all tell the story of a successful company.



A wide range catalog of products that have marked the history of design and in many cases transformed it with the previously mentioned the Vistosi Giogali chandelier. The name comes from the Venetian “giongher”, the term used for the lace that tied the wagon to the yoke, and the shape reminds us a folded ring.


This object introduces a new vision in the use of glass; a basic element that engages in series with one another forming the crystal chains in turn composed to endless solutions.


An innovation, Vistosi Giogali chandelier, which leads the company to deal with continuous and new challenges. Like the one that engaged in the historical Vega piece edition. A meticulous and essential floor lamp with a thin tubular rod attach on a circular base. The directional diffuser is made by hand in blown glass.


In addition to those that mentioned above, from the long list of unique products of Vistosi, we can find also Lucciola, Clouds, Rina and many others.



chandelier Giogali design modern
chandelier Giogali glass design
chandelier Giogali Vistosi Mangiarotti