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What are the 2018 home trends?

16 MARCH 2018
2018 home design spring trends set living minotti

The house as a haven, a place in which to rediscover ourselves; no longer a place for mere contemplation the house becomes a new space to be experienced and used, a place to have fun in and forget all our external obligations.


There are times when the incessant light of our phones makes us want to disconnect from the outer world. How do we find or create these spaces, that allow us to take a deep breath and pause for a moment? The 2018 home trends are the answer to these needs, capable of creating an environment where the essential and the nostalgic merge thanks to the creative brilliance of contemporary design. To the Danish hygge - signifying softness, comfort and relax - we can add the Swedish lagom, signifying ‘just the right amount’: not too much, not too little. These two terms will offer your home the decorative glamorous touches that are essential to give it character.


Indeed, the spring 2018 home will present itself as a neutral space, evoking the softness and simplicity of Nordic design while featuring luxurious and sophisticated home accessories. Thus, the influence of Scandinavian design will be prominent in the spring 2018 home trends. Siding with the quintessentially Nordic use of natural materials and colours, however, we will also see the warm and metallic tones of brass, featured in home decor, and the bright reds, that will pop up in textile and furniture design. Light furnishings, such as Kartell’s, are the perfect representatives of this trend. These elements beautifully mix the liveliness of colour with essential home decor.


If the architectural lines must remain clean, sinuous and gentle, the opportunity to explore is given by colour. Protagonist of this year, then, is Pantone’s mystical Ultraviolet, a colour that is halfway between experimentation and meditation, a huge design trend for 2018. However, if some consider Pantone’s proposal to be too bold, other fun patterns are available, highly featured in living room designs. Here the colour palette moves towards the greens to bring the essence of nature inside our homes. Wallpapers are back in fashion, particularly the ones featuring repeating plant motifs, also perfect for the younger ones’ bedrooms. Green doesn’t feature solely in furniture pieces, but also in the form of plants, placed in vintage or offbeat vase designs, like Fornasetti’s line of ceramics.


Another trend is also emerging, one that looks at the recent history of modern antiques and adapts it to today’s needs. Indeed, a retro look is displayed in chairs, armchairs and sofas, where the nostalgia is soothed by more modern colours and materials. Thus, sofas are revitalised through more or less contrasting colours, while velvet remains the fabric of choice. Velvet introduces softness and luxury to your home, as seen in the elegant petroleum blue of Fendi’s Fanny armchair. Keeping in line with the 50’s and 60’s, imagination and creativity find their place in kitsch and camp furniture, giving character to an environment without aging it. Gucci is at the forefront of the vintage mixes and influences that dominated the spring catwalks. The cross-references and summoning of the past is also found in the bathroom space by bringing back tiled walls. These tiles, however, are now more sophisticated, resistant and durable. Through their geometric shapes, these subtle elements are capable of lighting up the most intimate room in the house.


The bedroom, on the other hand, is stripped of bright colours giving space to grays and navies. The bed frame is minimalist like the Alcova model by Maxalto and it is the cushions’ turn to evoke comfort and lightness through their bright patterns. Even more radical, almost spartan, is the bedroom design proposed by Kosi Board, in line with the search for the natural and basic essence that is becoming more and more prominent in the creation of our personal havens.


Spring 2018 is the perfect moment to refresh your home and pair its simplicity with a hint of splendor, without forgetting a touch of creativity and lightness.

2018 home design trends Kartell spring lamps lanterns coloured
2018 home design trends fornasetti spring ceramic vases faces
2018 home design trends fendi spring armchair green velvet
2018 home design spring trends maxalto bed alcova
2018 home design trends spring bed Kosi grey white